Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Exclusive Interview w/ Stuntmen James Young & Aaron Toney

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Darren Bailey (@darren_bailey), actor and member of Thousand Pounds Action Company, sat down and shared some drinks with stuntmen James Young (@Jady0ung) and Aaron Toney (@AaronToneyStark) while they discussed their involvement in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Here, they get into the life of a stuntman, personal and professional challenges and rewards, and share some fun and hilarious stories from set. Host - Darren Bailey Guests - James Young & Aaron Toney Cameras - Chris Cowan & Louis Polak Editor - Keith Funkhouser - Concept - Lee B Golden Personal photos of Aaron Toney by Tony Chu Photography - Film Combat Syndicate (@FCSyndicate) - www.filmcombatsyndicate.blogsp..., Thousand Pounds Action Company (@Thousand_Pounds) - Darren Bailey - FOR ANOTHER IN-DEPTH LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES OF THESE STUNTMEN AND WOMEN, PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS CBS NEWS SPECIAL! Aaron Toney is the co-owner of JAM (Joining All Movement) - *Apologies for the bad lighting. This was thrown together last minute between schedules.