Comic Trips: Webisode 35- `A Southern Engagement`

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Comic Trips: Webisode 35- "A Southern Engagement" What better way to start a new year, with a nice journey! We took a vacation down to Florida, Paul did a thing, and then we took off to one of, if not our favorite spots in the entire galaxy, TATES in Lauderhill FL! This place is THE reason we decided to turn a camera on when we first trekked here. It's over 400mi round trip from Orlando to Lauderhill, but totally worth it. If you're EVER in Florida, you MUST go here!! There's nothing like it we've ever seen! _______________________________ Comic Trips is the ongoing story of two 80's babies who have a love for all things pop culture, toys and comic books! We began in 2015 and have traveled thousands of miles hunting for all things nostalgia. Items from the 80's and 90's aren't always valuable, but if they mean something to you, who cares? We don't hunt for profit, we are collectors and completists! We're always taking submissions for new places to check out. Tell us about your LCS(local comic shop), flea market or toy store! Check out our other videos below: Season 4(Current Season): Season 3: Season 2: Season 1: Unboxing videos: Drunk Toy Reviews: Chat with us on ANY social networks you please: Instagram- @ComicTrips